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What’s the Difference Between 24 Months and 2T?

What’s the Difference Between 24 Months and 2T?
Last Updated: 08 February 2021

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Elizabeth Barletta

Elizabeth Barletta

Editor-in-Chief of Top Mom

When you go shopping for your children’s clothes or shoes for kids, you have to know the correct sizes since children tend to grow up quickly. You will often see children’s clothes labeled 2T while others labeled 24 months; it’s confusing, right? Most parents think it’s the same thing, but it’s not. If you look keenly, you will see the difference. Basically, 2T clothing is made for toddlers, while on the other hand, 24 months clothing is designed for children who are still considered in the baby stage. Keep reading this article to find out more about what is the difference between 24 months and 2T clothing.

Is 2T The Same As 24 Months?

In essence, 24 months is two years. However, when it comes to children’s clothing, it’s not. But what size is 2T? 2T clothes are slimmer with longer sleeves and pant legs. They are intended for children who no longer put on diapers and walk straight. 2T clothes do not have diaper snaps.

Difference Between 24 Months And 2T

stylish 2-year-old baby

What is the difference between 2T and 24 months clothing? It has been an unsolved puzzle for most parents out there.

2T clothing is an emulation of adult clothes but smaller, whereas 24 months clothing is more babyish. 2Tclothes are made for early walkers while 24 months clothes are for crawlers.

  • Departments: When you walk into a baby store, you will notice there are different departments. 24 months and 2T clothes cannot be found in one department. You will find 24 months clothing in the baby’s section since they are for babies lower than 24 months of age. In the children section is where you will find the 2t clothes.
  • Diapers: 24 months clothes are rounder to accommodate the diaper and have snaps in between the legs to hold diapers.
  • Clothes Length: When it comes to 2T vs 24 months clothing, length is crucial. 2T clothes have long sleeves and pant legs to facilitate upright walking. On the other hand, 24 months clothes have shorter sleeves to allow the baby to crawl more comfortably.
  • Clothes Width: Generally, 2T clothes are slimmer compared to 24 months clothes to allow the child to walk upright.
  • Style: Style is also a factor in the 2vs 24 months clothing debate. As aforementioned, 24 months baby clothes are designed in a babyish fashion while their 2T counterparts are more of adult cloth mimics.
  • Brands: Different brands have different clothing measurements for both ages. Some manufacturers use their weight and height measurements for both products, while others use various measures, causing more confusion.
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Summarizing Main Differences

At this point, you can now quickly tell the difference between 24 months and 2T clothing. 24t months are rounder while 2T are slimmer with longer sleeves. 24 months clothes look babyish and have diaper snaps while 2T emulate adult clothing.

Tips to Choose the Right Size

Sizing can be challenging when it comes to buying baby clothing. Here are a few tips to consider to pick the right size for your baby cloth: Know your baby’s measurements, height, and weight. Hold the cloth up to your child if you do not know their parameters. Consider the ability to walk; if they can walk, pick 2T clothes.

General Considerations When Choosing Baby Clothes


Babies have susceptible skin and sometimes react to clothing. Cotton is the most recommended fabric for baby clothing. They allow the baby to breathe well and absorb moisture in hot conditions.

Material Safety

Safety is a crucial factor when buying baby clothes. Avoid clothing with strings around the neck and waistbands. Watch out for flowers. Sharp ippers, hooks, and buttons also pose a danger to the baby since they may accidentally choke.


Once the baby starts to move around, they should have appropriate garments for that. The material should be more durable. It’s prudent to consider how easy removing and dressing the baby is.


The size determines the comfort of the child. If they put on small clothing, they could be restless the entire time. At the same time, large outfits make the child unable to move swiftly. Also, keep in mind that children grow very fast.


What is the difference between 24 months and 2T clothes? The differences are defined by developmental stages rather than age. 24 months outfits will give your child more room making the comfortable and accommodate a diaper too. 2T outfits allow for straight walking since the diaper is a past story.

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