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Last Updated: 01 April 2021

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Elizabeth Barletta

Elizabeth Barletta

Editor-in-Chief of Top Mom

Probably, you’ve already heard about the adult nursing relationship (ANR). It’s one of the many kinks and fetishes which is seeping the way out and becoming less taboo. The most interesting thing about ANR is that it’s not only sexual activity but also it might be done for a variety of reasons. For example, a man would want to be breastfed to feel comfortable, relaxed, nourished, or a couple would want to create more milk for a child through suckling.

If you are interested in ANR, ways to induce lactation, benefits of breastmilk for a husband, and more, then you are in the right place. Our team, which includes sexologists, has prepared this post so that you could figure out all the necessary information on this subject.

Read on to keep your curiosity satisfied!

What Is ANR Relationship?

hormones to induce lactation

ANR or adult nursing relationship is an activity when one adult breastfeeds another. If you are in a heterosexual relationship, a man will suck a woman’s breast, and she will pretend to or really breastfeed him. Such an act isn’t usually infantilized – the breastfed person doesn’t act as if he was a baby. The woman is not necessarily pregnant or has just given birth. If a couple wants to experiment this way, they probably would like to know how to stimulate lactation. In the majority of cases, the reason for ANR is sexual stimulation; but, as we mentioned above, it’s not the only reason. So, why would men want to be breastfed?

  • It makes a man feel nurtured – nursing is an act of maternity, so adult nursing can make a man feel cared for, relaxed, and comfortable. Especially if the man had bad relationships with his mother, he might desire to be breastfed by his wife or girlfriend.
  • A man knows about the health benefits of female’s milk – your man might want to have your breast milk because he is health-conscious. Bust milk boosts the immune system, energy level, helps to build muscle mass, etc.
  • A man may like the taste – this is the reason why your man can take great joy in ANR. If he tried your milk after the baby was born and got hooked, he probably will want to have it right from your breast. Try the best lactation cookies or other supplements, such as lactation supplement by Pink Stork, to stimulate more milk flow, enough for your little one and husband.
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Inducing Lactation For Husband

If you’d like to try ANR, the first thing you must do is to speak to your partner about it. Only when you both openly confess and agree to try adult breastfeeding, it’ll be an exciting experience. However, there are several things you should know to ensure it’ll work out the best way for you. Below there are simple steps that will help to start ANR successfully. So, if you are asking yourself “How to induce lactation for my husband?”, keep reading!

How To Induce Lactation For ANR

A woman’s body is incredible, and breasts can produce milk even without pregnancy or giving birth. It makes it possible to induce lactation if you’re going to adopt a baby or for ANR. So, how to induce lactation? Here are the instructions for you:

how to induce lactation for anr
  • Ask your hubby or partner to stimulate your nipples and breasts through suckling – let him lick, play, give a gentle massage, and suck your breasts. Suckling is the most natural way for induced lactation stimulation, it encourages breasts to produce milk.
  • Take supplements – one of the most effective ways for forced lactation stimulation is taking birth control pills. Such pills contain special hormones – progesterone and estrogen – which are responsible for milk supply. Doctors usually prescribe hormonal pills for a few cycles, this way your body will “think” that it’s pregnant and start producing milk.

If you prefer natural ways, you might appreciate herbal supplements for induced lactation. They are available in various forms: cookies, teas, pills, etc. What herbs to look for?

  • Fennel
  • Fenugreek
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Alfalfa
  • Blessed thistle
  • Goat’s rue
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Garlic
  • Ginger

No matter which supplement you choose – medications or natural treatment – you have to consult a doctor to avoid any allergic reactions, complications, or side effects.

Note, that you and your hubby will have to stimulate your breasts and nipples in addition to taking medicines or herbal supplements. But it’s not a big deal, right?

  • Using a breast pump – if you’d like to know how to induce lactation quickly, using the best breast pump is another excellent method. It boosts milk supply almost the same way as a baby’s suckling does. Just make sure to use a hospital-grade device with a wide range of settings so that you can choose the right one for you.
adult nursing relationship

You should understand that inducing lactation is effort- and time-consuming; you’ll need to pump every 2 hours.

How To Adult Breastfeed

When you are both ready for breastfeeding, you have to make sure that your partner latches properly to your nipple. Otherwise, milk just won’t come out, even if your breasts are full of juice. Get your husband put his lips around the nipple and take as much bust in the mouth as possible. He will have to use his mouth and tongue to suck your juice from the breast, ask him to suck not very hard but patiently.

Keep practicing as often as possible, it’ll turn you on, boost your affection, and aid milk flow.

Benefits Of Breastmilk For Husband

Breast milk is rich in antibodies and nutrients; it contains the right amount of water, sugar, fat, and protein. But naturally, this juice is meant for babies, not for adults. On the other hand, doctors sometimes use breast milk as a medical treatment for certain groups of patients. It’s believed that woman’s milk can boost the immune system and energy levels as well as nutritional status in men. But, let’s be honest, mainly ANR will turn your sexual life on – this is the major reason for it, right?

Final Word

“How to induce lactation for my husband?” – we, at top-mom.com, hope that after reading this post you know the answer. Why not try ANR if you both are open to it? It’ll take your sex life to the next level and make your man more affectionate to you.

We’d be glad if you share with us your experience! Have you tried ANR? How do you feel about it?

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    • Brenda
    • 15 November, 2020
  • Hi there!
    I was looking for ways to induce lactation anr ‘cause me and my husband desired to spice up our sex life. We read your post together! The thing we liked the most is useful, easy-to-follow tips. Plus, I never knew that breastfeeding could be beneficial for my hubby😉. Now we are trying to induce my lactation together! Actually, we are enjoying our second honeymoon!💑💑
    Thanks for such a great post!
    • 24 October, 2020
  • i came across anr relationship stories on the Internet, and they emotionalized me so much!🤩 first, i was a little shy to tell my husband that i want to try it. but when i finally opened up to him, he got so excited! he gave my breasts a gentle massage, sucked my nipples, i had a special herbal tea with ginger, plus, we bought a breast pump and used it several times a day (the pump was really effective!!). Now, I offer myself to my hubby daily!🤭
    • Sonia Santiago
    • 21 October, 2020
  • What is anr lactation? I was curious and I ran across this post... I learned everything I wanted to know and even more. To tell the truth, my sex life has played out in fresh colors! Really! Me and my boyfriend are using ideas from your article and hope that I’ll breastfeed him soon. We also like the How to Adult Breastfeed section and are enjoying the process! Many thanks for your work!
    • Mrs
    • 18 September, 2020
  • Hey there) Inducing lactation anr when you don’t have a baby is a REALLY challenging task. That’s why I was surfing the Internet and searching for ways to do it. I liked the tips described in your post. Personally, I’ve decided to take herbal supplements with fennel and use a breast pump. I’ve been doing this for a month. A few days ago, I and my hubby started to see the results! That’s amazing! Please, write more posts on this topic🙏🙏🙏!
    • Sarah
    • 5 August, 2020
  • I am in my fifties and I enjoy anr relationship with my husband. In fact, it has done AMAZING things for our marriage! When I am nursing him, it fills us with such intense feelings of love💕! I remember when I started to induce lactation for anr, I used similar stuff described in this post. But another thing that helped me greatly was seeing my sister’s newborn being breastfeed. It stimulates instincts, hence, lactation
    • M.
    • 13 July, 2020
  • Thank you a lot for the post! It has really helped me to induce lactation for anr. I followed your advice and visited my doctor first; we together chose the right supplement for me. Also, my husband stimulated my nipples and breasts several times a day. As a result, I am producing a great amount of milk for my beloved. Sometimes he doesn’t even need breakfast LOL)))